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Techno Recording Artist / Live Performer / DJ


Bio and Flyers


I have had the luxury of playing a lot of parties over an expansive 31 years in Techno.  From domestic to abroad, each event had its own story, its own vibe, and its own place in my musical journey.


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Henry Vengeance, a prolific techno artist and DJ, has been a driving force in the electronic music scene since 1993. With a relentless passion for crafting immersive sonic experiences, his innovative blend of pulsating beats and cutting-edge soundscapes has earned him a dedicated following. Hailing from New York City, Henry's journey in music began at a young age through the early days of New Wave, Industrial Music, and eventually leading him to the forefront of the techno movement in NYC.  Known for his electrifying live performances and genre-defying productions, Henry Vengeance continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, leaving an indelible mark on the global dance music landscape.

Henry started out in NYC working at Instinct Records (Moby, Prototype 909) and migrated over as the managing director of  Intergroove US, the American division of Intergroove GmbH (Plastic City, Noom, Time Unlimited, Phuture Wax, Audio, Tortured, Molecular, Eukatech, Le Petit Prince, Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Harthouse, to name a few), From there, Henry went to work for the label consortium Brooklyn Music Limited (BML) where he worked as production manager and A&R on compilation projects and labels like Digital Empire I & II, In the Mix Series, Hyperspace, Digital Hut, Thrust, Beatsmart, and Wide Awake.  Henry was also one of Massive Magazine's Operatives in NY, providing content from Artist and DJ interviews, to record reviews of new vinyl and CD releases hitting the streets.  Henry worked with Artists such as Felix Da Housecat, Roy Davis Jr. Juan Atkins, Robert Armani, Atomic Babies, Frankie Bones, Paul Birken, Mark Verbos, Dan Doormouse, Future Funk, Kliprock and Rob Devs, on various vinyl and CD releases as well as national tours.


Henry has released music on labels such as Omen Recordings, Contrast UK, Format Recordings, Mastoid Kollective, Downside Up, Thrust, X-Sight, and through a variety of compilations released by K-Tel's Coldfront series, In the Mix. Henry was also one of the core members of Uptown Underground in NYC, helping to produce some of the largest raves the East Coast has ever seen in the 90's and 00's.  Uptown Underground was most famous for it’s Monkey parties in the 90’s, bringing in first time European artists to the US like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, DJ Misjah and Tim, Chris Liberator, Commander Tom, Nostrum, Billy Nasty, and a whole bunch more. 


Over the last 10 years, Henry has primarily focused on his Live Performances.  His hard and dark styles of techno become an immersive experience on the dance floor.  Henry’s precision of rhythms, sounds, and various effects deliver a pulsating and mental combination of chest pounding sound.  Henry has had recent performances at places throughout the US at shows like The Brooklyn Monarch (NY) Repent: NYE (WI), Bossa Nova Civic Club (NY), Avant Gardner (NY), The Office (NY), Market Hotel (NY), Scarlet Room (AZ), Disco Chicken (IL), Juiced (CT), LUST (WI), The Great Beyond (MN), Even Furthur (WI, 2016-2019 - The Pit, Sindikate Stage, Renegade Radio), The Shop (WI), Studio 200 (WI), Halycon (NY), and Bushwick Public House (NY), and has been on several podcasts and radio shows like RIOT Radio,, Farris Wheel/The Rabbit Hole, Distant Future, Newtown Radio, CGNY, 88.3 WESU The Vault, and Format FM.  

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